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Our Heated Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes

Experience a Fresher, More Delicious Lunch with Warm and Tote Heated Lunch Bags

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There's nothing less enjoyable than heading over to your job or to a picnic in the park, only to discover that the warm grilled cheese or cold drinks you brought along with you taste horrible because they aren't the right temperature.

That's why we created Warm and Tote heated lunch bags, lunch boxes and heat packs designed to keep your food, snacks and beverages the idea temperature so you can enjoy all your favorites no matter where your busy schedule takes you.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Each of our versatile lunch bags and travel food containers are designed to offer premium space and convenience, making them ideal for using for kid's school lunches, taking food to work, enjoying a day at the park, tailgating at a sporting event, or spending some time at the beach.

Crafted with heavy-duty materials strong enough to keep your food safe and secure, while still keeping it hot or cold for up to 5-8 full hours, you can use it both indoors and out so you never have to suffer with ill-tasting food or warm soda again.

Multiple Bag and Box Travel Sizes

At Warm and Tote, we know that not everyone is the same, which means they need a lunch bag or lunch box that has the right size for what they do. That's why we offer a wide range of bag styles and sizes to fit your personality.

Just need something quick and on the go? Choose a Turbo Pack and keep soda or cheese snacks cold. Having lunch at work and don't want to eat unhealthy fast food? Get the Perfecta and enjoy hot and cold temperature retention simultaneously! Trying to spend the day at the beach but everyone in your family wants something different? The Husky Tote provides room for sandwiches, drinks, snacks and more with superior storage capacity.

Unbeatable Service and Support

Warm and Tote products and customer service are the absolute best because we value our customers and their needs. That's why our lunch bags and totes offer long-term reusability and durability, and come backed by quality assurance you won't find anywhere else. When you want the very best lunch bag, either for yourself, a loved one or a friend, choose Warm and Tote and you'll never have to worry about getting great value you can trust.

Our Best Sellers...kid tested, Mom approved!

The TurboPack

Buy Replacement HeatPacks Here!!!

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The perfecta

It's HOT and COLD All in ONE Bag! Our Best Design EVER!

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The HuskyTote

It's Bigger, Better, man or family sized. Roomy enough for the beach, picnic or tail-gate party.

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